JUSZ Plus Coconut Oil 60ml

Supercat Jusz Plus+Cat Supplement with +Extra Virgin Coconut Oil60mlInternally Used for:Healthier Skin & CoatProtects & Healsimmune BoosterBenefits:Prevent HairballsEnergy and Immune BoosterSmooth and Condition FurSupport DigestionBone and Joint HealthThyroid SupportNatural Pet ToothpastePeduce Bad BreathDosage:2 Drops per 1kg of Body WeightDirection:Opply On Food or Directly to MouthCan be used On Other Pets

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Supercat Jusz Plus+

Cat Supplement with +Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


Internally Used for:
Healthier Skin & Coat
Protects & Heals
immune Booster

Prevent Hairballs
Energy and Immune Booster
Smooth and Condition Fur
Support Digestion
Bone and Joint Health
Thyroid Support
Natural Pet Toothpaste
Peduce Bad Breath

2 Drops per 1kg of Body Weight

Opply On Food or Directly to Mouth

Can be used On Other Pets

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